Stranded Here Behind

Band :
Title : Stranded Here Behind
Release Date : April 21, 2017
Label :
Format : Digital Download
An eight time Maryland State Banjo Champion (five youth and three adult) Rev. Frankie Revell finds himself deeply rooted in early bluegrass, country blues, and old-time claw-hammer genres.

In his early years Rev. Frankie had significant exposure his Grandfather, a semi- professional banjo player and early pioneer of the three fingered style played on the five string banjo. Growing up, Frankie continued to learn his craft by playing along with his father, a banjo player, and his uncle, an old time and bluegrass guitarist.

The three eventually formed a band, “The Lickety Split Banjo Boys.” Rev. Frankie’s performances are more than just music. They are a journey through time. Deeply rooted in Appalachian music, his is a musical heritage shared in living rooms, local venues, regionally, nationally, and even internationally.

In an attempt to explore and understand the music of his ancestors, Rev. Frankie has attempted to hit time’s rewind button. His curiosity has led him to become a versatile musician, playing four different styles of banjo as well as guitar, ukulele, and various other stringed instruments. His unique and nuanced picking styles display brilliantly here on his most recent album, “Stranded Here Behind.”

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