About Howlin’ Kitty Music

Howlin” Kitty Music LLC was founded on the musical epiphany of Mike McCauley.  After some early songwriting success in Nashville during the late 1970s, he decided to give up music entirely in favor of making a “steady living”. Over a quarter of a century later, Mike’s interest was re-energized during an Appalachian roots music performance by father and son duo, Frankie and Fred Revell. The three became fast friends, and before long, Frankie was recording Mike and some of his older music in the Revell’s home studio.

Now seventy years old and retired, Mike finally came to realize that he could still play guitar and write songs. He soon wrote and recorded “Diane’s Song” for his wife to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary. After watching woman after woman come to tears while listening to this song, he decided that it was time to more fully engage with his music and bring it into the present.

His reacquaintance with Ty Crawford, a phenomenal young musician, sound engineer, and multimedia developer, made the idea of a new online record label and publishing company a serious potential.

All of this lead Mike and Diane McCauley, with the help of Ty and Frankie, to form Howlin’ Kitty Music LLC (named after their beloved cat, Woodstock). Their mission is to explore the back roads and alleyways of American music in search of talented folks who play their music on front porches, in garages, small clubs, churches, the streets, or even just for their own amusement.

In a global culture dominated by glitz and glamour, this music can be novel and even profound. Our intention is to place even obscure performances of public domain material not only on our own website but on other major internet outlets as well.