Meet the Howlin’ Kitty Family!

Jupiter Vinyl

Corinne Bohjanen, Ed Horey, and Jen Webster create a beautiful tapestry of folk-pop harmonies. Their music is original, creative, and hard to classify. They are a versatile trio, having covered hundreds of stylistically different songs including Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, Modern English’s “I Melt with you” and Radiohead’s “Airbag.” In early 2012 Corinne and Ed decided to collaborate on an album of original songs, the result of which is their debut LP, “Lazy Ash Tree.” That album was released by Paint Can Records in December of 2012. “Lazy Ash Tree” embraces the simple and upbeat style of Alt Indie Folk. Jupiter Vinyl’s mellow back porch style, intimate and engaging live performances, and inventive song writing and vocal harmonies set Jupiter Vinyl apart as a new up and comer in the
Pittsburgh music scene and beyond.

South Wind

Annie Trimble and Curt Cooper combine their vocal and acoustic instrument talents to create South Wind. This duo presents a variety of traditional and contemporary folk music, including Appalachian and Celtic tunes and songs, and original compositions. Annie excells in flatpicking and finger picking guitar styles, and also plays mandolin and banjo. Curt contributes his solid guitar backup and tasteful flute and fiddle accompaniment. Curt’s clear tenor and Annie’s alto voices combine in delightful harmonies on songs ranging from the Childs collection of early Celtic music, to songs of modern Appalachia. Contemporary folk songs, a wide repertoire of children’s songs , and traditional old-time dance tunes round out South Wind’s repertoire.

Rev. Frankie Revell

In his early years Rev. Frankie had significant exposure his Grandfather, a semi- professional banjo player and early pioneer of the three fingered style played on the five string banjo. Growing up, Frankie continued to learn his craft by playing along with his father, a banjo player, and his uncle, an old time and bluegrass guitarist.

In an attempt to explore and understand the music of his ancestors, Rev. Frankie has attempted to hit time’s rewind button. His curiosity has led him to become a versatile musician, playing four different styles of banjo as well as guitar, ukulele, and various other stringed instruments. His unique and nuanced picking styles display brilliantly here on his most recent album, “Stranded Here Behind.”

Mike McCauley

Now seventy years old and retired, Mike finally came to realize that he could still play guitar and write songs. He soon wrote and recorded “Diane’s Song” for his wife to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary. After watching woman after woman come to tears while listening to this song, he decided that it was time to more fully engage with his music and bring it into the present. Currently, he is in the process of recording an album of old and new songs, playing at gatherings sponsored by the local folk music society, and making occasional public appearances. “This music is like a tattoo,” he said, “It never goes away. I just needed to quit hiding it, or maybe hiding from it. Now, I hope others enjoy my music as much as I enjoy making it.”