What is Howlin’ Kitty?

Howlin’ Kitty Music LLC is a new recording and publishing company that specializes in forms of American music, musicians and artists that ordinarily would have little or no chance to be heard on commercial radio. Our aim is to provide a publishing, recording, and distribution platform where talented but relatively unknown musicians and songwriters can access a wider listening audience and marketplace through a variety of web based channels, including our own website.

Howlin” Kitty Music LLC was founded on the musical epiphany of Mike McCauley.  After some early songwriting success in Nashville during the late 1970s, he decided to give up music entirely in favor of making a “steady living”. Over a quarter of a century later, Mike’s interest was re-energized during an Appalachian roots music performance by father and son duo, Frankie and Fred Revell. The three became fast friends, and before long, Frankie was recording Mike and some of his older music in the Revell’s home studio. read more>




Join Our Community!

If you are an artist, musician, singer or songwriter who would like to have your music published and sold by Howlin Kitty Music, send us a sample of your music. 


If you are a singer and/or musician who interprets “cover” or public domain songs, please
submit your material indicating the writer and publisher of each “cover” and the writer (if known) of each public domain song. Production quality is vitally important.


Submit your original music along with lyric sheets with chords. Make sure that your MP3’s are as close to production quality as possible. While we pledge not to steal your material, we encourage you to obtain legal copyrights or your material.


If you are a writer who does not perform your own music, submit an MP3 with vocal and guitar track of your song. Also attach a lyric sheet preferably with chord changes for each song. While we pledge not to steal your material, we encourage you to obtain legal copyrights or your material.

Contact Us

For booking information please email us at contact@howlinkittymusic.com. For quickest response please include a call back number in email.