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Guitars: Cheap vs. Expensive

Ok, I like cheap guitars. When I was 14 years old, I started plinking around on an old, parlor-style Stella guitar because it was all my parents were willing to buy. It was laminated, ladder braced, boxy sounding, and as Doc Watson said, “fretted like a barbed-wire fence.” About eight years later, I was thrilled […]

Songwriting: The Importance of Melody Hooks

Songwriting: The Importance of Melody Hooks During the late seventies and early eighties, I wrote numerous songs, some more popular than others. Most of them were accepted, demoed, and pitched by serious Nashville publishers.  My strength was lyric writing.  Tongue in cheek novelty songs, such as “Ugly Women and Pickup Trucks” (see YouTube) came easily.  […]

Carbon Fiber vs. Wood Acoustic Guitars

I am a little over 70 years old, a child of the 60’s, and up until recently an unabashed fan of solid wood dreadnaught guitars. I have owned (or presently own) a Martin D18, a Martin HD28, an Alverez MD60, a Takamine F350-M, and an Art & Lutherie HG Hi Gloss. My first step away […]

Howlin’ Kitty Music’s secret weapon

So who is Ty Crawford? Simply put, he is Howlin’ Kitty Music’s secret weapon. Without his talent as a graphic designer, website developer, photographer, animator, and cinematographer, Howlin’ Kitty Music would be a feeble, pathetic shadow of its current self. He single-handedly designed our logo, developed our website, created our social media presence, and produced […]

Cigar Box Joy

Cigar Box Joy! Larry Cuddy, a cigar box guitar maker from Washington PA, and friend of Howlin’ Kitty Music, creates hand made cigar box guitars that are absolutely superb in their craftsmanship and wonderfully playable. Each one is an original work of art, right down to his hand crafted fretboards. His selection of woods and […]

Playmakers putting Pittsburgh on the musical map

Some record labels are foregoing physical media entirely. A new local roots-music label, Howlin Kitty Music (howlinkittymusic.com), began in earnest when Mike McCauley retired. “What makes us a little more special is that we’re only selling downloads,” says McCauley, 71. “The startup and production costs are much lower. When you’re dealing with downloads you’re dealing […]